The Music explained

The Music

Descended from a culture with a two thousand year musical tradition, Sachdev performs the classical music of India. The complexities lie in the subtle variations on the theme, ornamentation of notes, modal coloring, and in the interplay between flute and tabla. Since each note stands alone, special care is given to the purity of intonation. The basis of Indian classical music is raga – the melodic form, and tala – the time measure. Beyond the melodic form, each raga encompasses a particular mood and synthesis of emotion, which a skillful musician like Sachdev evokes. Indian classical music is rooted in the vocal tradition, and the flute is regarded especially close to the voice, capable of many subtle nuances of the vocal style.


(Bans: bamboo – Swar: musical note)
One of the oldest instruments in existence, the Bansuri is a bass flute made of bamboo with 7 open finger holes. It is a keyless wind instrument pitched about an octave below the European Classical flute, and is more resonant and flexible in tonal quality. It has no keys to produce sharps and flats. The half and qaurter notes are produced by precisely opening a portion of the hole with the finger. The Bansuri is capable of infinite pitch nuances, producing a seductive vocal beauty, cajoling to the listener.

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